News on TMP & the sequel

Guardian News article 2 Jan 2014

If you are unable to read this … here’s the gist:  editor Christian Knight of the Guardian News, a regional newspaper, wrote a great article on The Midnight Pianist, basically saying what a hit it is proving to be with Baby Boomers. Although I wrote it with young adults in mind, I am very happy that it’s finding universal appeal. Perhaps 1960 was truly a year of innocence, between major conflicts and dark events.

1961 brings the sequel, Playing with Keys. I’ve written several drafts, comment has come from my special readers, and it’s time for the polish and further reading. I find it so difficult to be satisfied a job is done –with my watercolour painting from years ago, I found a limit to how much fiddle I could do (not very much). But a manuscript can be picked and picked and picked at …

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