Falling Glass

As the 1991 Gulf War rumbles in the media, young James takes leave from his corporate job in Sydney and against all advice, sets off on his hitchhiking adventure to Cairns. He wants to make changes in his life but it’s not what he expects when serial drop-out Roddy and needy girlfriend Cath pick him up. Drawn to the home of Roddy’s kindly Aunt Irene in her old inner city terrace house and beautiful artist neighbour, Aphra, they are challenged to question their lives, given Irene’s almost palpable anguish over the war. These five very different people are tied together by friendship, love, jealousy and obsession in a time of international crisis.

On a lighter note… there’s Fit the Ferret and Qwerty the cat. The reader will walk the streets of Glebe in Sydney’s inner west, Saltwater beach outside Taree, and wander the hills near Wherrol Flat Lane where Roddy goes shooting feral cats.

Falling Glass published  December 2002