The Midnight Pianist Launched

At last  the circle is closed … from first pen to paper to final book. The Midnight Pianist is between covers and launched into the world. See how you can purchase your copy below.

I was so happy with my event at The Bookshop Cafe last week (5 dec). Men bought my book for their wives. Mothers bought my book for their daughters and grandchildren. At least 2 men asked me to inscribe my novel to themselves. Everyone loved the eye catching cover, even the feel of it delighted! In this lovely photo, the roses are from Anna, and the smiley daisies from Phyllis.

Regardless of it being a young adult novel, it is a story not only for the young, but for the young at heart, and already I’m getting feedback from adult readers that it resonates with them.  Seventeen-year-old Matilda liked it too, so I have a broad spectrum of readers.

I set The Midnight Pianist in 1960 for no greater reason than because it came after the Korean War and before Vietnam …. perhaps a more innocent age. In 1960, a country town was not very different from country towns of today – minus the internet, fast food outlets and mobile phones. How life has changed. That was a simpler time.

You can buy a signed copy of The Midnight Pianist directly from me via email $14.99 + $4.00 postage within Australia – or order from your local bookstore. You’ll find copies at Nambucca Newsagency in Bowra Street. In Coffs Harbour,  TMP is available at the Book Warehouse on Harbour Drive RRP $14.99. It’s also on Amazon, but I think  it’s nicer to support Australian independent stores.

Happy reading!

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