News on ‘The Road to Samangan’ – the Story of an Afghan Family

I’ve had quite a few queries about my novels which make up The Midnight Pianist trilogy.  No, there is not a Book 4 in my mind.

Why? Because in early 2016 I also agreed to help with the history of an Afghan family who live in Pakistan as refugees since the Russian invasion and continuing conflict in their country. This during the completion of my novels Playing with Keys (2016) and Song for Emilia (2017).

Meanwhile I received frequent small texts by Messenger from the main author, translated from grandparents’ and parents’ stories of their lives in Afghanistan from the 1920s until it all began to go wrong in the 1970s.

The remarkable side of this endeavour is that the two writer brothers simultaneously graduated from two years at college (pre-engineering and pre-medicine) then worked on the farms until dark, translating the book into English past midnight so as to keep me busy!

Events since early 2018 have slowed the work considerably. 
But ‘The Road to Samangan’ – their province of origin – will be finished one day, and what a fascinating story it will be, told in the words of the family and two authors with little change, and a sprinkling of present day vignettes.

I’ve kept this post deliberately a little vague, until we get further along this long and difficult road. 
‘Tal kvshala osey’ – Be happy always.

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