Comments – The Midnight Pianist

I have received many lovely comments on The Midnight Pianist, mostly from baby boomer vintage readers. Two that I liked are from men, and verbatim, one told me how ‘we always hear about young girls’ crushes, but I had crushes too, at high school,’ and he really liked the story.

The second verbatim comment was brief, but to the point – ‘I enjoyed all the detail‘. I’m not quite sure what he meant, but take it to mean that TMP is evocative of the era.

I was very happy to recently sell a copy to an ex-English teacher, who said he found it hard to find good books set in 1960 that he could use in his private tutoring of year 7-8 students.

Playing with Keys has reached the polishing stage. This is hard work, and when I give the draft to my critical readers I will have a break.

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