The sequel: Playing with Keys

Playing with Keys follows The Midnight Pianist, and I feel it is almost ready to submit for publication. This novel continues the story of The Midnight Pianist, in what Megalong Books, Leura, has called ‘historical fiction’.

The bookstore’s comment  in full: I really enjoyed it [The Midnight Pianist] and feel it will appeal to readers of Australian historical fiction for Young Adults (who like authors such as Jackie French). There have been a few coming of age novels set in the 60s and 70s in Australia but most have a Puberty Blues ‘vibe’ about them, which although very popular it is refreshing to have a simple outer suburban/country impression of first love and teenage angst.

Thank you, Megalong Books!

TMP is now available in many bookstores or by order. Please support the independent stores, or save postage by ordering from me (cheaper than amazon) and you get a signed copy.

I’ve probably said it before: I don’t know how anyone can write a novel per year, never mind several novels. I have been flat out writing 2 novels in 20 years. However, these years have been spent with great activity elsewhere (writing short stories, moving house several times, overseas travel) and the usual musical chairs of life.

My first novel Falling Glass referenced media reportage of the 1991 Gulf War which necessitated copious research, likewise a similar though brief reference to a different war in Playing with Keys – you will have to wait and see what I’m talking about. Keep in touch!


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