Review on amazon: The Midnight Pianist

A lovely review from John Holland, a Queensland author, his latest book published as both paperback and eBook: ‘Left of the Rising Sun’. More info about JH on his Facebook page and amazon.

John writes a 5 star review:

The Midnight Pianist is one of those “coming of age” books that will resonate with readers everywhere. More particularly it will jog the memories of those of us who grew up or spent time in Australian country towns during the period the book covers.

The book starts with scenes of quiet innocence. Fourteen year old Sandra is in love with Nick Morgan. It is a secret love she shares with no one. Not even her best friend.

The characters develop as the book progresses and we are soon caught up in the story of Sandra’s coming of age as events bring her to an early sense of maturity.

I don’t want to give too much away here. But I will say that I love the author’s gentle, smooth style and I love this book she has created. I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking for an intelligent story line penned by a skilled wordsmith.

We all lived in this town once and shared the moments and the memories. Many of us long for those days of innocence which have passed. Lost to us in the reckless helter skelter of modern life.

We can find welcome refuge within these pages

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