Gosh, it’s November!

How did that happen? All of a sudden I realize I haven’t added a post to my website for 2 months … but I have been so busy . ..

My house is full of dust and daddy long legs, the windows are blurred with salt, but I have written 37,000 words in 6 weeks – not bad for someone who takes 10 years to write 1 book. This is the third, unexpected book to follow The Midnight Pianist. I did not set out to write 3 books, just to have published TMP after so many years of moving house, jobs and other fictional episodes (!) I felt was enough.

Readers told me, I want to know what happens next! When will you publish the sequel? Anyone who writes stories, will recognize the way ideas drop into your head, unbidden, and finally begin to coalesce. This is the way that book 2 developed, awaiting publication as Playing with Keys. So naturally, I couldn’t help the ideas continuing – long entitled Song for Emilia, this is the work in progress. And I”m quite stunned at the speed of the progress … perhaps it’s been bubbling away below the surface … well, of course it has.

I managed to sweep the back veranda early this morning. Now, I’m going to make a coffee … I’ll put on a classical record (remember I’m currently writing about 1964) read someone else’s fiction (Amitav Ghosh’s River of Smoke, the 2nd book in his trilogy), and try to relax my neck muscles. Crikey …

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