It’s all happening: Playing with Keys, Book 2

Well, dear friends, ‘Playing with Keys’ arrived with a tinkle in B flat major – following ‘The Midnight Pianist’ – for the young and young at heart …

It’s 1961 and life turns upside-down when Sandra and family move to Sydney from their country town. Back in the days of letter-writing!

The Midnight Pianist became Book I and who knew that this teen romance would breed another two books?

Many readers told me ‘I want to know what happens next!’  and I couldn’t resist as ideas popped unbidden into my brain. I had extra incentive knowing that many older readers loved the story.

Limited copies are available right now at “Micasa” – that’s my place in Nambucca, east coast Australia : RRP $18.99

If you live far far away, I can post to you for small p&p.

Both paperback and eBook may be ordered via the usual online sites or through your bookshop – if you’re lucky enough to still have one in your locale.

I’d love to hear from you! And remember, Book 3 is to follow.


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