An Autumn Message for Playing with Keys

I have been neglecting readers who follow my news, and I must apologise.

My Facebook writers page has been busy, which is hardly an excuse.

Playing with Keys is sailing along very nicely with a lot of interest, 2 interviews in local newspapers and one to come via the regional Seniors paper. There’s a lot of interest as usual from baby boomers, revisiting their connections with country towns, a touch of romance and the difficulties of moving from the bush to the city, which many experienced.

Average age for younger readers seems around 15, and very good feedback. We have n idea what life was like in the 1960s, they tell me. Read on!

Song for Emilia, the sequel and final book in the series, has in layout stage and a cover is being designed – this my Paper Horse Design and Publishing.

ETT Imprint will again publish, some time this year. I’m afraid the months travel far too quickly.

Here is a story from the Guardian News:


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