A Reader’s comment on The Midnight Pianist

When I read over my recent posts, they sound so filled with anguish as I try to finish the sequel or at least, feel satisfied with it. The trouble is, the longer I have the MS, the more I fiddle.

Big thanks to Greg McCoy, a private tutor of English whose comment appears here:

‘Cobbers and musk sticks! Both my wife and I read your novel and found it quite engaging. I enjoyed your musical motif and following the growing pains of an adolescent girl using the backdrop of a country town in the 1960’s. There were so many familiar childhood memories for me- from the compulsory Rawhide (Bonanza and Disney too), schoolyard antics and ‘the sheep’s back’, to the absolute freedom and innocence of the bicycle. I also loved the way you captured the variety of voices, mannerisms and expectations of the time through your characters.

‘I’m tutoring Yr 11 and Yr 12 students for the HSC in English. I feel your novel would perhaps be appropriate for girls in the Area of Study section where they explore a variety of texts associated with the topic ‘Belonging’ for Yr 12 and for Yr 11 one of my students is studying ‘Making Choices’ for her Area of Study.’

A great read. G.McCoy, Valla, NSW

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