Publisher’s response, a great achievement: Song for Emilia

‘Song for Emilia’ is the final book in the trilogy, ‘The Midnight Pianist’ and Playing with Keys’.

Tom Thompson of ETT Imprint writes:

You have completed a quietly considered but great achievement with this trilogy, found a way to keep interest in multiple characters , explored a long impending love story, that traverses the big issues of aloneness and loneliness of bush life vs the inner city glare.

It does work: the core of the book, the middle chapters, are very touching with something like Russell Drysdale’s archetypes living on the edge, on the lonesome parched verandahs. The Morgan’s dignity and sadness …  are very well handled indeed.

The love story works, and you have been very careful in exposing it without an excess of emotional rendering, so it is very believable (as indeed, Sandra wants to believe). The alternate love story of Billy is nicely delivered, taking the reader up that garden path of novelty/naivety, first passions.

Song for Emilia is expected to be published later this year.


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