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Good feedback on the sequel Playing with Keys from David Brooks, novelist, essayist, poet: He says, ‘I enjoyed it very much, found it very nicely paced and structured, congratulations.

“A girl with her music, her piano teacher, and her boy in the country. Misjudgement, physical awakenings, disappointments, secrets, timely maturity. A retro teenage romance with adulthood more than a shadowland on the fringes. Absorbing as a sequel to The Midnight Pianist, excellent as a book on its own.”
Working on a classic cover now for PWK, to relate to The Midnight Pianist in some small way. Wednesday Sutherland will do the graphics again, publisher Rosie Sutherland is in the midst of creating a book trailer for TMP. So … backwards and forwards, glad the stories are tied together.
One of my readers on finishing PWK, wrote to say: ‘You have left us panting for a third book.’
I don’t know about that, but perhaps I cannot leave Sandra and Nick wandering about, not quite meeting each other. And then, there’s Emilia, Sandra’s best friend …
A Brisbane reader, Elizabeth aged 17 wrote about TMP: ‘It is so wonderfully told through the eyes of a girl, young and in love, that I (and I am sure many others) felt myself falling for Nick. I am anxious to read what the future holds for both Sandra and Nick. I can’t wait for the next book!
All the comments about TMP are on the Comments page. Don’t forget if you’re on Facebook to check out [The Midnight Pianist book].


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