Bits and pieces in February

I have already told readers that I am slack at updating my website. Apologies for continuing slackness …

I am happy to report that during my most visit to Sydney in January, I am now signed with ETT Imprint for The Midnight Pianist to be both eBook and audio book, the latter with relevant piano inserts. This is very encouraging, as although I have been in the writing game for almost 30 years, and there has always been support from readers, it’s a tough field to make headway – which is why I chose to self-publish my novels.

It’s very satisfying for me to be able to write ‘novels’ as my early fiction was all short stories – see my publication and broadcast record – and my first novel Falling Glass came via a writer’s grant from the Australia Council for the Arts. The Young Adult/Crossover novels have emerged from there as I began to delight in writing longer works.

The Midnight Pianist will be followed by Playing with Keys, in the final polishing stage. The next one is Song for Emilia … but one at a time, perhaps? More work to be done …

Meanwhile, I agreed to read a friend’s novel and did a light edit, which I enjoyed, as it’s another test of skill. I await a published novel coming from Canada for review. New fields! Who knows what’s next?

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