January 2015 summer time

Crikey, the 6th already … and once upon a time “summer time” meant exactly that, whereas now it means the clocks require us to get up an hour earlier than solar time. (I should’ve written “summertime” … that subtle difference?)

I’ve always thought of Time as elastic – it expands and contracts according to occupations. As a child at school, the distance between holidays was extraordinarily long.
On simple notes:  The time spent with a beloved can seem so brief, yet be the identical length of time spent at a desk on a more onerous task where the time drags.

The humidity is 92% today, a breeze stirs the curtains reminding me I still need to wash the front windows – I have an eventual limit to sea salt and spider webs … so forgive my trifling thoughts please while I’ve procrastinated.

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